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Spay & Neuter to Improve Both Your and Your Pet’s Quality of Life

Spaying and neutering is an important part of pet ownership. Not only does it control the pet population, but it also provides a better quality of life for your animal and helps them live longer. This simple and routine surgery provided by Cloverdale Animal Hospital can benefit your pet by:

Reducing the frequency of roaming and running away

Reducing risks for several forms of common cancers

Reducing dominant behaviour

Reducing aggression

Spaying and neutering is especially important to our feline friends, since many cats are free to roam outdoors. The number of stray cats and kittens that end up killed in animal shelters is severely reduced by simply spaying and neutering. All cat owners should consider this procedure upon adopting a new pet into the family.

Spaying & Neutering Pet Surgery Aftercare

Even though this procedure is routine and common, there are certain things to help your pet in the days after their surgery. All cats and dogs will be prescribed pain medication during their recovery. This pain medication is mandatory and dosed by weight. In addition, a cone collar will be available to prevent your pet from aggravating their stitches while they heal.

Do you have any questions about spaying and neutering? Feel free to call our office for more information or to schedule an appointment for you dog or cat.

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