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Keep Your Pets Going Strong with Our Skilled Surgical Procedures

Our pets can go through a lot. When they are in pain it can mean that some form of surgery might be necessary. From minor to major surgeries, Cloverdale Animal Hospital offers experienced surgical care in our state-of-the-art, sterile surgical environment. Our skilled veterinarian conducts every surgery with a gentle, caring touch to ensure that your pet’s experience goes as smooth as possible.

In order to make your pet’s surgery as easy-going as can be, we offer sedation in a controlled and safe environment. After a thorough evaluation of your pet’s reflexes, muscle tone, and responsiveness of vital signs we will be able to determine the depth of anesthesia necessary. For most surgeries it is required to sedate your pet to facilitate the process, but we want to do it with as minimal risk to the patient as possible.

Most Common Pet Surgeries

If you are anticipating if your pet will need surgical attention, the following are some common issues that we treat with surgery for both cats and dogs. Of course there is a wide variety of issues we can deal with, but to give you an idea (aside from spaying and neutering) here are the most readily seen health conditions requiring surgery:

Benign skin mass

Tooth extraction

Skin abscess or inflammation

ACL rupture

Various cancers

Malignant skin mass

Bladder stones

Corneal ulcer

If you believe that your pets may be suffering from any of the above health issues then give our office a call today. We will schedule you for an appointment as soon as possible.

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