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Veterinary Services

Take Your Pets to the Veterinary Dentist in Surrey

Because so many health issues for cats and dogs stem from tooth problems, keeping your pet’s smile bright should be a priority to you as a responsible pet owner. Many pet owners are vigilant when it comes to vaccination and checkups, but often forget the importance of their pet’s oral health. Avoid a potentially painful and serious systemic problem in the future by addressing dental issues today. Not only do dental problems cause your animal pain and suffering, but the resulting surgery required will cost you a lot of money.

It isn’t all as simple as just brushing your pet’s teeth! Cloverdale Animal Hospital offers cat and dog dentistry services to help make sure your pet’s oral health is the best it can be:






Call our canine and feline dentists today to schedule an appointment and dental cleaning today. We will get those pearly whites shining bright!

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