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Our Prescription Meals and Proper Medicine Keeps Pets Healthy

Good health for anyone starts with the food they eat, and pets are no different. Quite often what seems like an illness is just a negative reaction to food that isn’t suitable. For your convenience, Cloverdale Animal Hospital offers various medication and prescription pet foods in-house. Between our nutritional recommendations and available prescription medication we will be able to address almost any illness your pets are suffering from. Before rushing into invasive and potentially costly surgery, be sure to exhaust all options available to you.

We Carry Top Quality Pet Food Brands

In addition to prescribed medication, we only provide the highest quality food for our patients to ensure that they have a healthy and well-balanced diet.


Royal Canin


Do you have any questions about your pet’s diet or nutritional needs? Or is there a specific medication you are looking for? Call us today to discuss how we can help your pets with a custom nutritional plan.

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